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Testing for quality and for any errors or faults is an inevitable part of any production procedure. When it comes to software, quality assurance has more significance. Each software is being used to perform a function and even a minor mistake can create a lot of havoc.

Since the time of introduction of software, software testing was too existing. Earlier, testers resorted in manual testings. This incurred a lot of time and hence the entire process of software development used to take long turnaround time. Besides, the chances for human errors were also very common.

Later, the technology of testing underwent drastic developments and many software have been introduced for testing automatically. These are known as Testing automation tools and Selenium holds a top position among them.

History of Selenium

Selenium is a portable testing automation framework for testing web based applications, which has been originally developed by Jason Huggins in 2004. The story behind naming the software as Selenium is an interesting one. Actually the name has been derived from a joke made by Huggins in an email he sent to his friends informing about this new software.

Mocking a competitor with name “Mercury” he wrote that Mercury poisoning can be cured by this Selenium supplements. Mistaking the ‘Selenium” as the name, they all used to use it and thus the name got established.


Advantages of Selenium

As mentioned earlier, with the developments in the technology, a number of testing automation tools have entered in the market. Although each has its own special features and unique properties, Selenium enjoys more popularity among them.

Since its introduction, even the selenium training has added many more attractive features to its original version and the latest one, Selenium webdriver training has attained worldwide approval. Now there are many Selenium Tutorials to prepare more professionals in this area.

These are the features of Selenium which made it very popular

  • Selenium is free and open source.
  • Selenium can be run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc.
  • Selenium is compatible with multiple browsers including Firefox, Google, Internet Explorer etc.
  • Different program languages such as Java, C++, Python, Perl etc can be used in writing scripts.
  • A good number of communities and forums are available for technical support.

Different Components of Selenium :

Selenium contains the following components.

Selenium Integrated Development Environment or IDE

This particular compound facilitates recording editing and debugging tests. This can be implemented as a Firefox Add-on. Scripts are automatically recorded and edited manually. Scripts will be in Selenese, a script writing language for Selenium. Selenese can provide you commands for performing actions in the browser and for retrieving the data from the resulting pages.


Selenium Client API

When you find it difficult to write test scripts in Selenese, API is the alternative, which will help you to write the scripts in any program languages supported by Selenium. These tests will communicate with Selenium using the calling methods in Selenium Client API. At present Selenium provides clients for Java, C++, Ruby and Python

Selenium Remote Control (RC)

It is a server written in java and accepts commands for the browser through HTTP. In order to make writing test easier, Selenium providers client drivers for PHP, Python, Ruby, NET, Java and Perl.

Selenium Webdriver

It is the latest version of Selenium RC. It accepts command and sends to the browser. In this version, Selenium web server can run the test without a special driver.

Selenium Grid

This is a hub which will be contacted by the tests to access browser instances. This enables to run multiple tests at a single point of time.

Selenium Training Online

Once Selenium acquired the reputation as most widely used automation testing tool, many Selenium training programs have come up which includes several Selenium online training programs.

When you joined in a a Selenium Training online program, you will be provided with Selenium video tutorials. These Selenium videos will cover the entire subject in comprehensive. Although many program languages are compatible with Selenium webdriver training, most of the professionals are using Java. Hence there will be special course at the beginning to introduce java, where you can learn the basics of java.

How to Select the Best Selenium Training Video Tutorials

When there are many options, one will get confused for sure. When Selenium course training enjoys good popularity, there are many takers for it and hence there is a tough competition also in the job market. Here you can survive only with your expertise and excellence and you need to be trained well to achieve it.

Although, the subject will be the same, the quality of depends on several other things which you should be taken care of.

  1. Online Selenium video tutorials provided by the trainers should excel in audio and video quality. If you cannot make things out of it, it is almost like wasting your money
  2. The explanations recorded in the videos at every stage should be simple and easy to understand. Step by step approach from the starting point to the finishing point will be the better one.
  3. Practical learning is important in any software training program and Selenium Tutorials also providing the same. Learning on projects is more important in practical sessions.
  4. The best tutorials for selenium training will provide Selenium webdriver training on live projects rather than dummy ones created for the purpose of training.
  5. Here the student will get a chance to come across with the real challenges and problems and by solving it, he or she will learn the subject in a better way.

These are the major points you should keep in your mind while going for Selenium Training online. You can collect the information from the professionals who had accepted the service of the Online Selenium training centers in the past or from those who are taking training at present.

Another option is to view any websites providing reviews on this subject. You can take the help of open discussion forums also in this case. Whatever the method you use, it is necessary to identify the best Selenium Tutorial, if you are really looking for improving your career.

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